Friday, February 27, 2009

Clarissa -- ology

Received this tag again from Ate Cecille of Life Is Good And Beautiful Thank you again for the thoughts of always including me in your tag lists!!^_^ Since they're putting --ology after their names, it's called Clarissa-ology here.


1. What is your salad dressing of choice? Fried Onion dressing and Sesame dressing

2. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Za-Za Yakiniku restaurant

3. What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of? Onion Rings

4. What are your pizza toppings of choice? Fresh ham, basil and tomato

5. What do you like to put on your toast? Butter and honey


1. How many television sets are in your house? One

2. What color cell phone do you have? I DON'T OWN ONE FOR 7 YEARS!!

3. Do you own a laptop? Nope, only wide desktop PC

4. Do you own an ps3? No

5. What kind of cellphone do you have? I don't have them in hand!


1. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right-Handed

2. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? My nail! Ouch!

3. Have you ever had any surgery? Yes, Appendicitis when I was 9 years old.

4. How much do you weigh? 145 kg. ( I wish )

5. How tall are you? 5 ' 3'' ( I wish )


1. Favorite season? Autumn

2. Favorite holiday? New Year

3. Favorite day of the week? Friday

4. Favorite month? November

5. Favorite brand of chocolate? Royce'


1. Currently missing someone? Yes, my family in the Philippines

2. Current mood? Alive and active

3. Currently listening to? J-Pop-- need some background music while blogging.^_^

4. Currently watching? Drama ^_^

5. Currently worrying about? Waking up early in the morning during offs!

I'm passing this tags to Sister Grace, Ate Kim, Mommy Dhemz, Mommy Umma, Ate Rose, Mommy Liza, Dee, Mommy Niko, and Mr.Richard and to YOU. Have a nice day everybody!! ^_^


payatot said...

totoo ba yun na wala kang cel na sarili mo? baka naman ayaw mo lang bumil o kaya naman e humble ka lang nyan? kase sa buhay mo e di naman kapani paniwala na wla ka nito e..

sige na nga kung yan ang gusto mo, ok na, naniniwala na ako...

Joops said...

Hi Ms. Clarissa, jus the hotel's internet to check out my blog if it still exist hehehe..

You are like Rose, she don't like to buy a cellphone becuase she uses chikka in texting her family.. its free hehehe..

Mom of Four said...

Ni- tag mo akish? haahhaahaha! oks lang, thanks for including me..

Anney said...

oi mahilig din ako sa onion rings! My sis got tired of me from always ordering onion rings pag meron sa menu ng kinakainan namin. heheh! e kasi in search ako of the best onion rings e.

Maria said...

This is so personal tag dear. Talagang pati salad dressing at brand ng cellphone nasa question. lol! nakatuwa.

Dee said...

Hi Clarissa! :D

Thank you, thank you for this tag. Thanks for remembering me, ha. I'm really touched! :D

I love your picture. Ganda mo and ng background mo. Ay, I love onion rings din. Super!

Take care and have a lovely weekend! :D

chubskulit said...

Thanks for the tag Clarz, i'll do this soon.. mwah!

Sa march 5th nga pala alis nami, next week na so di na ako nakakatulog hahaha...

aba ang jowa ko nagbablog kahit na sa japan hahaha..

Rhea said...

Hi clarissa, reading these stuff about you, let me know you more.
Have a good day!

Umma said...

Kakaloka Clarz.. wala kang cellphone for 7 years? I cant believe it.. hahaha.. Ako di mabubuhay pag walang cellphone..

Ay favorite ko rin ang onion rings.. thanks for tagging me Clarz.. will post it very soon..mwah mwah

Dee said...

Hi Clarissa!:D

I'm dropping by to wish you a lovely day! :D

Take care!:D

Dhemz said...

hhahah..kakaloka naman to...ako parang wala narin cp kasi dko naman gnagamit...dka tulad nong nasa pinas ako 2 cp ko...dto wala akong katxtmate...mahal din kasi dito...hehehhe!

Thanks for sharing Mommy Clarz...salamat din at sinali mo ako...hehhee...I will post it later....kakatuwa ito ha...ang taas pa naman...hehehe!

Kumusta ang weekend nyo Mommmy Clarz? ang mga tskiting mo nag enjoy ba sila sa weekend? san ba kayo naglilibot? overwhelm ka ata sa mga chicka ko...dami kung tanong....sowe...hehhe! namiss ko kasi ang chicka natin...ang daldal ko kasi eh...hehhehe!

Am glad to know some interesting facts about you sis...thanks ulit!

chubskulit said...

heto na ako para kunin ang aking tag hehehe.. this maybe my last bloghop hehehe... pls visit me kahit wala ako ehehe..

nga pala curious ako sa word na kizuna, is that mean kitchen?

richard said...

thank you so much for the tag Clarissa and It's good to know more things about you...

Thanks for sharing....

niko said...

wow!!!! i have another tag.. yey! il do this asap.. thanks clang ha!!!

kamusta nmn ang byuti nten jan?

Manang Kim said...

Hi claire, I can really rely on you sa tagging you never forgotten me hehe and thank you for that. Tall ka pala claire ako 4'11 pero ni round off ko palagi kaya sabi ko I am 5feet tall hahaha.

Clarissa said...

@Payatot:Talaga pong wala na akong cel at siguro nakasanayan ko ring wala nun!Salamat po sa dalaw!Ang dami ko ng utang na dalaw sa yo!^_^
@Mr:Joops:Welcome back and take care to your next trip!Busy man eh?!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Liz: Thanks for grabbing and for dropping by po!^_^
@Anney: Same here!!Fave ko kc onion rings eh!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Maria: Lots of tagging pati!Thanks po for dropping by!^_^
@Dee: Thanks for the compliment!It was taken last year at Honda Collection Hall here in Japan.Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Ate Rose:Ingat po sa biyahe--matulog po kayo kahit na konti para di pagod sa biyahe!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Rhea: Thanks for dropping a comment and for visiting!Ha ve a good day to you,too!^_^
@Mommy Umma: Nakasanayan ko po yatang walang cel na dala--di bagay sa lifestyle ko,palagi kasi akong nasa loob lang ng bahay eh!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Dhemz: hahaaa!!pareho pala tayo?!

Clarissa said...

@Mommy Dhemz:naputol mssg ko!I'll post them here na lang yung outings namin last weekend--hirap mag-maintain ng blogs eh!lol!Thanks for dropping by ha!^_^
@Richard: Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Niko: Thanks for dropping by and feel free of grabbing them!^_^
@Ate Kim: Chus!Ikaw pa?!^_^Napapansin ko sa mga friends ko dito sa blogosphere eh maliliit tulad ko?!Thanks for dropping by!^_^

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