Thursday, October 13, 2011


We had our lunch at Mori No Kitchen during a family weekend road trip to Mitsui Outlet Park in Sendai where we had fun window shopping. Sendai is known with their best Gyutan Sumibi Yaki (charcoal grilled beef tongue) and Marumaya's Sumibiyaki Buta Don ( charcoal grilled pork in a bowl ). Eating out for Sendai's delicasies was our main purpose of visiting the outlet park and we don't mind driving for hours just to try what Marumaya has to offer and I swear, it's worth it! The mighty bowl dish is sure popular with pork lovers! The pork was grilled into perfection and had a rich smoky flavor which we appreciated ^_^
Haruka chan and big sissy Wakaba chan
Sumibiyaki Buta Don Set ( charcoal grilled pork ( well flavored with sweet soysauce ), pickles and miso soup for 800 jpy

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MarieClara said...

Japanese foods makes me curious. I wonder when would I be able to taste one.

Visiting from FTF.
Lechon for Everybody

imriz said...

aw, they're getting bigger! when i heard of sendai parang something flashbacked...but, knowing how swiftly the people and the gov't rebuild...looks like nohing had happened.

always take care.

Cecile said...

the way you describe it sound yummy! the sou looks good, too! thanks for stopping by Clang :-); musta na?

Tetcha said...

My husband is a certified pork lover. He'd surely enjoy what that place has to offer. The only problem is he can't fly to Japan just to eat. LOL! Oh, well, maybe someday! Thanks for visiting my FTF entry!

Dhemz said...

ayay! ang sarap naman nito mamiClang...cute nitong dalawa....miss you!

sensya na po at ngayon lang nakdalaw...been pretty busy...hirap na talaga pag may studyante na...hehehhe...dami extra curricular activities...hope all is well!

jellybelly said...

So appetizing, makes me want to try it! And I love Miso soup :) Visiting from Food Trip Friday!

The Twerp and I

Pearl said...

it sure looks yummy! and the kids seemed to enjoy it very much :-)
Happy FTF!

Jenn said...

Sarap! I don't really, really like Miso Soup, but whenever I eat Japanese, I still could finish slurping all the soup in my bowl. :)

Hopping from Food Trip Friday.

Lainy said...

Hahay! I am super inggit with peepz who can eat Japanese cuisines enjoyably. I wish I could too.

Visiting back from, Mommy Clang.

See yah!

kat-in-the-kitchen said...

uh! Oh! mga dalaginding na ang mga princesses mo Clarizz haha..ang sarap naman nyang charcoal grilled pork..parang aksaya sa rice nyahaha.

TY sa FTF visit Clang.

Foodies Galore said...

If you didn't post the English name of Sumibiyaki Buta Don Set, I wouldn't have known it's pork :)

Visiting from FTF

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It's mid-morning as I read this, and my mouth is watering already. I'd love to try these dishes.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

niko said...

i wish one day matikman ko rin yan teh! muka ngang super yummy eh!! nagutom n naman ako eh kakamidnight snack ko lng :D lol hehehe

simply kim said...

WOW! wish i could try those food someday, lol!

by the way, do you mind checking out on Fool Me Once?

chubskulit said...

Bigla akong ginutom Clang, yum!

imriz said...

big bowls! sana ganyan din ang servings dito:)

Feel free to visit my site when u have time.

Pink MagaLine said...

800 Yen for pork and soup sis? Isn't that expensive? :(

chubskulit said...

Makikikain ako sa birthday partee moh hehehehe.

Happy Birthday Clang, may God continue to bless you with good health and lots of happiness!

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