Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Abukumagawa, Fukushima

Abukuma River has become a tourist spot because of the famous ducks and swans seen during cold weather and many visitors including us visits the place to enjoy. It was a delight for Wakaba to have seen ducks and swans for the first time and we let her try to feed the birds some duck-friendly food but when they came for food, my lil Wakaba was afraid of them. I know... what an insane amount of ducks and swans and is overcrowded, too lol!

Happy fleet of ducks and swans put a smile on Wakaba's face!

The Abukuma River (阿武隈川, Abukuma gawa?), with a length of 234 km, is the second longest river in the Tōhoku region of Japan and the 6th longest river in Japan. It runs through Fukushima Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture, rising from springs in the peaks of the Nasu Mountains, collecting water from tributaries leaving the Ōu Mountains and the Abukuma Highlands (阿武隈高地, Abukuma-kōchi?), then emptying into the Pacific Ocean as a major river. It has a 5,390 km² area watershed, and about 1.2 million people live along its basin.[1]

The Abukuma River flows north through Fukushima Prefecture's Nakadōri region, past the cities of Shirakawa, Sukagawa, Kōriyama, Nihonmatsu and Fukushima. The portion of the river flowing between Nihonmatsu and Fukushima forms a deep ravine called Horaikyo.[2] Crossing the northern edge of the long but low Abukuma hills, the Abukuma River then flows into Miyagi Prefecture, past the city of Kakuda and between Iwanuma and Watari before reaching the Pacific. Abukuma has a tributary called the Ara River.

Crowd of onlookers

To be with my Wakaba is one of my life's sweetest pleasures ^_^

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chubskulit said...

Wow ang liit pa ni wakaba dito hehehe.. Am sure fluent ka na sa lngo dyan Clang.. Do you drive there? Love these photos, parang very relaxing to watch the critters.

Carla said...

plenty of ducks... :) I like :) I hope someday I can bring my Sophia to a place like that, especially now that she amuse with animals...

Cookie said...

ang cute ni wakaba. sa dami ng swans and ducks, ng standout pa rin si wakaba lalo na yung smile nya, hehe :D
thanks for visiting my blog. dropping by from my nostalgia entry, too ;-)

niko said...

liit pa ni wakaba jan ha!! i love all the pics teh. ngaun ba may ganyan pa rin sa fukushima?

A Woman's Note said...

wow, ang ganda ng place dahil sa mga swans...btw: magkamukha kayo ni Wakaba hehe.

Thanks for dropping by Clang.

Vernz said...

hello Clang, sorry late visit.... hehehe.. wow, parang mga rubber swans on the lake.. kanindot oi... so liit pa si Wakaba.. cute :)dropping by :)

anne said...

super like! Thanks for the info, I really read it, I have learned something here.

Dhemz said...

amazing....gone are the days...liit pa ni wakaba dito mamiClang...ngayon she looks like a lady na...tapos ikaw you look exactly the did not aged...buti kapa...ako parang 10 years older na...ehhehehe! great memories....:)

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