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Food Trip Friday&requested recipe, answered!!

Momo fruit

My Food trip entry--- Seasonal fruit in Japan--- Peach is called Momo in Japanese. Another sought-after fruit in Japan is now on season!! \(^0^)/

This is an answer to all who requested for the hamburger steak recipe of my entry for Food Trip Friday.

Hamburger steak

Ingredients: ( good for 4 persons )

Ground Beef or ground chicken-- 400 grams
Vegetable/ cooking oil-- 1 and 1/2 teaspoon
Onion--- finely chopped, 1/2 piece ( big )


Bread Crumbs--- 1 cup
Egg--- 1 pc
Milk-- 1/4 cup


Nutmeg-- 1 teaspoon
Salt-- 1/3 teaspoon
Pepper-- a few


Water-- 1 cup
Tomato ketchap-- 4 tablespoon
Oyster sauce-- 2 tablespoon
Sake-- 1 tablespoon
Butter -- 1 tablespoon
Soysauce-- 1 teaspoon


1: Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat, fry the onion until brown. Set aside to warm.
2: In a large bowl, mix together with the ground meat and B until the meat turns out into 'whitish' then add #1 and A and mix.
3: Spread some oil to your hands ( can be messy if you don' t ) divide the meat into four and form into patties and flatten the center.
4: Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat, fry the patties until brown then add water till the height of the patties for steaming and cover.
5: When water is almost gone, add C and simmer. Gradually mix the sauce over the patties until sauce thickens turning heat to low. Taste.
6: Arrange platter, garnish with some potatoes and brocolli or any vegetable of your choice. Serve with rice and soup.
7: Enjoy!! ^_^

Happy eating everyone!! ^_^

option: you can put your patties into oven if you want to do so.Simmer the sauce,continue instruction #6. Enjoy!!

And another requested recipe for this Japanese- style-chicken-wings called Tebasaki--here' s the recipe:


Ingredients: ( good for 4 persons )

Chicken wings - 16 pcs

White sesame seeds ( shiro goma ) - 2 tablespoon

Potato starch ( katakuriko ) or cornstarch - 2 tablespoon


Sake - 4 tablespoon

Salt, Pepper - a few


Grated garlic - 1 pc.

Soy sauce - 6 tablespoon

Mirin - 4 tablespoon

Sugar - 2 tablespoon


1: Put chicken wings and A in a bowl and let stand for 1o minutes. Add katakuriko or cornstarch and lightly coat the chicken.

2: Deep fry chicken wings at 170 degree C, 4 to 5 each at a time until golden brown and set aside.

3: Put the sauce to a skillet, bring to a boil and add the chicken wings in the skillet and coat with the sauce. Add white sesame seed and mix.

4: Arrange platter with lettuce and tomatoes.

5: Best with beer!! ^_^

For Food trippers join us here. Chibugan na!!! \(^0^)/


♥Willa♥ said...

Parang iba yng color ng Peach nyo diyan. And thanks for the recipe, I have to try the burger steak one of these days.

Joops said...


chubskulit said...

join ako this week yippe... where do you get the code for the widget Rizza?

Sunshine4Life said...

I have tasted those fresh peach too when i was still working in Central China. They are sooo juicy!

Thanks for sharing these japanese recipes.


reanaclaire said...

wow Clarissa.. this is the new side of u ..thanks for sharing the recipe.. the chicken wings look so yummy!!

Clarissa said...

@Ate Rose:Click on the button to direct you to Mommy Willa's site (that's Food Trip Friday^_^)put your name and blog url kung saan mo ipopost ang food presentation mo sa comment section nya ( so that other FTF participants can visit your site also) and grab the FTF button sa button section nya and don't forget to post on the FTF button too on your post. And to those who wants to join FTF,sali na kayo and enjoy the fun!!^_^

Momma Bams said...

wow momo! sa min din dami peach dito, nagsawa na nga ako pero yan ang lagi breakfast ni azumi hehe... chaka midnight snack ni honey.. thanks sa recipes ha, try ko yang tebasaki kasi sa ibang part ang gagamitin ko, hirap kasi kainin ang wings lol..

i miss you.. i miss this blog.. busy bee kasi ngayong week... Have a nice weekend =)

Clarissa said...

@Bambie:No problem,take your time!^_^ and thanks for dropping by!!

Cens World said...

hello Clariz,, these foods are so delicious. Good that i can not have my hands on them or i will ruin my goal to lose weight. My son likes peach, by the way

take care

Sreisaat said...

Thanks for the recipes, Clarissa! Ita-try ko ito soon. Mabuti pa sa inyo, may peach... dito sa amin, canned lang ang available. Mas gusto ko ang fresh :)

We Ate This!

Lulu said...

hindi sya mukhang peach... akala ko nectarine... baka iba ang peach dyan!

mine is here

♥peachkins♥ said...

mahilig ako sa peaches na de-lata pero masarap din ang fresh..
ang gara pala ng peach sa japanese.."momo" parang multo.Paano yan peachy ang pangalan ko? Momo ba ako? hehe

Jes said...

wow momo fruit? ngyun lng ako nakakita nun ah! ehehhe

re sa bro ko thanks! =0 ehehe sana maging maayus ang plan ko ehehhe kasi simple lng nmnkaso nakak nerbios p dn lalu n kung ako pati hanap ng mga financial sponsors ! ahahah ako ang taga kolekta ng sponsor...pag kulang ako ang taga abono pati! ahahah
nga pla sama k b sa meet up sa aug13? nsa pinas k b ehhehe =)

Enchie said...

golly sis, everything here looks good :D I want to try all of these. Kailangan ko muna mamalengke :D

Lynn said...

I often make deep fried chicken wings but I'll try what you shared for some variety. Thanks!

Dee said...

I love peaches, they're healthy! And I'd love to try your Tebasaki because I'm really crazy with chicken wings and Tebasaki looks really good.

Have a lovely weekend, Clarissa. :)

shydub said...

Kabuotan ni mami clar oi, hatag mn recipe, pwedi kaon nlng ko luto daan lng akoa hehehe. naglaag laag lang intawn ko bahal kapanganak lng ky tulog mn sd ang baby, you know na mura tyanak ang mga baby gising sa gabi, tulog sa umaga waaaaaaa

jeng said...

Wow, these are all so yummy ; )

eds said...

pambihira ang galing mo talaga magluto ate issa.. hehehe yummy na yummy sa pictures pa lang..

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

favorite ko din yang peaches ^_^ gumagawa me ng peach-mango graham cake madalas sa pinas.
ang ganda ng presentation mo ng burger steak ^_^ looks yummy ^_^
ay sistah salamat sa recipe ng chicken ..try ko nga yan one of these days... ^_^

Jay - agent112778 said...

ill copy this ha mommy pang impress sa family ni GF, thanx

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

Thanx for the Visit :)

Moonlight-Mom said...

biglang tingin, they look like fuji apples :)

Cecile said...

i will try yung meatball steak, i am sure magugustuhan ni Jake yan :-); salamat sa recipe sharing , Clang!

OHMYGUMS said...

Mukhang magugustuhan ito ng Amrikano ko..salamat sa recipe :)
FTF ko

kittykat said...

dami nanaman akong pag aaralan lutuin Mommy Clang..same kayo ni Inday Dhemz na mga contributor ko..hahaha..thanks for sharing this..I love peaches too..

Ladynred said...

Siguro mahal ang peach dyan! Mukhang galing export. Anyway love to try your recipe sometime!

Dhemz said...

my gosh....kakagutom naman recipe pa...hehehe!

woi may peaches dito..pwede pahingi mami Clang..wala na kasi kaming peaches....ubos na....hehee....mahal ba yan jan?

pehpot said...

di na ako pupunta dito..mananaba ako haha

pede ba padeliver ng food?

Make or Break

Seiko said...

Yummy!!Try ko tong chicken wings mo Mommy Clarissa.
Btw,thanks for the visit & for droppin' some line 'though 'm not around.'m still on my vacation & be home on the 15th.Namiss ko tuloy ang FTF & MM & You're Inspirational,ofcourse I missed you too!Happy summer!

eden said...

I feel hungry looking at your pictures, mommy clarss.. yummy foods !

Jacris said...

momo d2 samin sa yamanashi maraming hatake ng momo...Sarap ng FTF mo mommy...Have a great day

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