Monday, September 19, 2011

Iwaki Star Festival 2011

Tanabata Matsuri or the Star Festival is most famous in Sendai but we also have here in Iwaki, it's not that extravagant like of Sendai though. Tanabata matsuri is also the most awaited event for my kids during the summer. Colourful streamers hanging, games and of course, foodies! (*^o^*)

The main tradition of the the Star Festival is to write your wish on a piece of paper called the tanzaku and tie it to the bamboo branch. Wakaba and Haruka were able to enjoy the food and beautiful sights~ Iwaki transforms itself into a colourful festival town! We had a great time walking through^_^

Tanabata Matsuri 2010

What is your wish?
Wakaba's wish: ' I wish to be a designer someday.'
Sights of the festival

Haruka chan, beating the heat with kaki-gori ( shaved ice with fruity syrup)
Haruka and Wakaba was delighted to take a picture with this rabbit named 幸せ屋(Shiawaseya, supported by Merry Project ) that gives heart filled with message of encouragement which makes you really happy.
A family picture of us ^_^

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Jona said...

good sights to see :) very happy family :D
our Family Time

Mommy Jes said...

hi sis!! ang sarap naman dyan!! at ang cute ng fam pic nyo hehehehe :D so cool ni daddy! :)

Napapaligira sya ng Chicks :))

Tahnks for sharing sis! have a wonderful day ahead! mwah!

ferry'zWILL said...

nice pictures naman yan Mommy clang ^_^
and I hope matuloy na ang seminar ko sa Japan, para naman makapunta narin ako dyan!!! hihi
ang cute ng mga kids, infairness, kitang kita ang ngiti sa mga labi...

>> i'll join to this meme din!!!

BTW, thanks for your comments sa kikayFERRY ko!!

Vernz said...

it's been a while... hehe.. pero so glad nakalanding na pud ko diri.

wow, this is indeed a festival to celebrate after what you've been through... nice kaayo.. pwede pud ko sulat diha? Regards sa mga cutie kids... dropping by :)

raya said...

wow what a colorful festival.. and that's a lovely photo of your family, Clarissa! *can I call you Clang?* haha.
Visiting you late via FT by Mommy Jes.. hope you could drop by mine at said...

si wakaba gusto maging designer someday, how about haruka chan???

nakita ko lng ung kaki-gori sa japanese film na napanood ko dati :) nkkatuwa na mkita na hawak ni haruka hihihih

super loveeeeeee ko ung family pic nio teh!! all smiles!! :)

Dhemz said...

super kawaii nitong dalawa...bagay na bagay yung hats....very colorful talaga tong festival nyo mamiClang..thanks for sharing...:)

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